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  • This is my dream job. At Pinchos, I have gone from learning how to run a restaurant, to how to run a whole franchise chain. I have felt seen and been taken seriously by fantastic colleagues from all over Scandinavia.

    Johanna Selstam

    Head of Operations

  • Pinchos is a clear concept that everyone in some way can fit into. You are seen as an individual and can be yourself among all the different characters and personalities.

    Malin Ljungberg

    Restaurant Manager

  • At Pinchos I like that you get to meet the guests and be part of celebrating events in their lives even as a chef. It is a very joyful place even though it is busy.

    Matilda Hallberg


  • I am an extremely social person, at Pinchos I really get the opportunity to live out and joke around with the guests. There is a relaxed atmosphere both between colleagues and towards the guests.

    Linnéa Hummerhielm

    Deputy Restaurant Manager

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